1. Improve website content - Website code is updated with researched content and proper tagging to improve search engine visibility and conversion
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  2. Analytics– Data from many web analytics solutions like Piwik and Google Analytics can be reviewed for best recommendations and real returns from your E-commerce, Adsense, Adword, or visitor data.
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  3. Online Marketing - Marketing campaigns can be updated such as PPC content and adding a landing page that fit your target online audience or monitored for advisement
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“Pierre is detailed oriented and helped me with the marketing and analytics for my website.”

-- Terrance Cummings
Terrance Cummings Studio

Web Analytics or Social Media Optimization available

Various paid and open source tools are used to detail recommendations, research digital marketing strategy, or revise code for web development. Resources available include:

  • Searchmetrics Suite - prefect for detailing search performance improvements
  • GA Data Grabber for detailed review of Google Analytics data
  • Quantum Buzz
  • Can review data from other analytic solutions such as Piwik and Clicky
  • Custom Dashboard Creation via Excel
  • Keyword research (Insights, Website Optimizer, Keyword Discovery for multiple-search engine analysis)
  • Marketing Research sources (Marketing Profs, e-Marketer, Forrester etc.)
  • Paid search ad management for Facebook, Adwords, Linked In, Business.com, and others
  • Campaign tag building via Excel
  • Heatmap testing (Clicktale)
  • BB Edit (for modifying HTML, Javascript, or analytics code)
  • Eclipse (for web development)

Don't see a tool you are looking for? Just ask...

How Zimana works for you!

  • Most work is done on the cloud and local server - analysis can start immediately with access to the analytics accounts, review of the website and social media, and an email or call explaining the marketing needs
  • Response to request will be within 24 hours - the initial discussion will focus on the business objective for the analysis and vetting the right approach.
  • Communication is typically in person or online web conferencing (Skype, DimDim video conference) as well as by phone and email exchange.
  • Zimana will consider assignments from businesses, nonprofits, and start ups with blog, e-commerce, or other analysis needs. Projects from Multi Level Marketing (MLM) firms, firms with no marketing budget to execute, or firms with a similar business model are not accepted.
  • All optimization work is written in a Statement of Work Agreement, sent for electronic signature.
  • Zimana works independently, but your team will receive periodic status to ensure that the analysis needs are being met.
  • The final results of analysis is a report which includes recommendations based on your team's need and a final in-person or live review to answer any remaining questions.
  • Clients' rights to their website content and data will always be respected and permission based.
  • Zimana reserves the right to add a 10% penalty due to project delay, client inability to respond to Zimana project inquiries, missed payment, or other client-caused delay. Non-payment of bills beyond 90 days are reported.

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